Film critic and professor Yang Yoon-mo sits behind bars for protesting the construction of a naval  base on Jeju Island.  Outside prison, he put his body on the line by crawling under cement trucks to disrupt the base construction.  Inside prison, he waged a 74 day hunger strike to bring attention to the cause.  His struggle was fueled by his love for the people of Gangjeong village and the Gureombi Rocks, a volcanic rock formation by the sea, home to many endangered species and a place for community gathering that has almost a sacred meaning for the Gangjeong villagers.  Since construction of the naval base began, a metal wall divides the Gangjeong villagers from the Gureombi Rocks, which the government has begun blasting to make way for the base.

In February 2013, Professor Yang Yoon-mo was sentenced to one year six months in prison.  This video is a tribute to him and his struggle for peace.

At 3:00 of the video-

If only we could go to the Gureombi Rocks, we can pick and eat wild chives.  The ledebouriella root that grows between the rocks around this time…  the mugwort that grows in the sea breeze… these are the things that made me strong.  The 70 day hunger strike I did.. I could have gone onto to 100 days.  The source of my energy is Gureombi.  If Gureombi is destroyed, I think my calling as a film critic is finished.  What we want is a chance for Gureombi to be properly recognized, as a world heritage site and a cultural treasure.  That’s why we must stop the naval base.  – Professor Yang Yoon-mo

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