October 20 marked the 100th day of candlelight vigils in Seongju since the U.S. and South Korean governments announced in July their decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile “defense” system within the county of Seongju.

Despite the challenges they have faced in their struggle to overturn the THAAD deployment decision, the people of Seongju have shown their resolve to prevent the weapon of war from entering their land of peace. Even with attempts by the government to undermine the anti-THAAD movement, the people of Seongju gathered every night to light their candles for peace. In spite of the government actively trying to isolate the people of Seongju from national and international solidarity, cause internal divisions, red-bait and falsely accuse protesters of being “pro-North sympathizers,” the residents of Seongju have vowed to continue fighting until the decision of the THAAD deployment is overturned.

Rain or shine, over the past 100 days, the Seongju people have gathered every night for a candlelight vigil. The Seongju people have expressed their concerns about the THAAD deployment and made calls for peace on the Korean Peninsula through speeches, poems, songs, dances, and other creative ways.

The following two videos show the effort of the Seongju people in building the movement against THAAD deployment and making each candlelight vigil meaningful and impactful.


(Video showing key moments throughout 100 days of candlelight vigils in Seongju | Video by Nam Jin-su, Seongju Task Force to Oppose THAAD Deployment; 남진수 – 성주투쟁위원회)


(Video by Park Moon-chil/박문칠; Source – Seongju Task Force to Oppose THAAD Deployment)

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