The Peace Report’s Will Griffin and ZoominKorea’s Hyun Lee discussed the historic Inter-Korean Summit on April 27 on Urban Insights on Philadelphia’s WURD Radio, the only independent Black-owned radio station in Pennsylvania.

Griffin and Lee also spoke with host Amadee Braxton about the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit on June 12 and building power to challenge the U.S. military industrial complex.


Urban Insights is a radio program hosted by Bishop Dwayne D. Royster and Amadee Braxton. They bring national, state and local newsmakers in faith, politics, and business into a dialogue with residents of the Delaware Valley. The show is on every Friday evening from 5pm to 7pm on WURD Radio 96.1FM or 900AM based in Philadelphia, PA.

Hyun Lee is the managing editor of ZoominKorea. She is a Philadelphia-based writer and activist.

Will Griffin is a former paratrooper in the U.S. Army. Griffin was in Iraq when former President Bush announced the Surge and he was in Afghanistan when Obama announced the Surge. Separating from the military in 2010 after 5 and a half years, he has since become an anti-war activist and organizer. Will is the founder of The Peace Report, an online news source for antiwar media. Will is currently on the board of directors of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, an organization focused on stopping the militarization of space.


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