Korean American activist and analyst KJ Noh of the Bay Area on KPFA’s Flashpoint hosted by Dennis Bernstein:

Noh discusses last week’s inter-Korean summit and provides a recap of all that happened since the spring of last year when a nuclear war had seemed imminent (begin at 12:50).


Christine Hong, assistant professor of transnational Asian American, Korean diaspora and critical Pacific Rim studies at UC-Santa Cruz on By Any Means Necessary:

Hong provides historical context and discusses how the U.S. has historically obstructed peace in Korea. She hopes that this year’s inter-Korean summit, however, can overcome the obstacle that is the U.S.’ military-first policy (begin at 17:55).

Listen to “Merkel meets Trump in US while Kim meets Moon in South Korea” on Spreaker.


ZoominKorea’s Hyun Lee with Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese on Clearing the FOG:

Lee discusses the prospects for peace on the Korean Peninsula following the third inter-Korean summit, the Panmunjeom Declaration, and why Trump may pledge a peace deal with North Korea at his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un (begin at 17:10).


Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ with host Sonali Kolhatkar on Rising Up with Sonali:

Ahn discusses the Panmunjom Declaration.


Christine Ahn on The Real News  

Ahn discusses the role of Korean activists in creating the conditions for a peace process in Korea.


Journalist Tim Shorrock on Democracy Now!

Shorrock discusses whether the U.S. will give up its hostile policy against North Korea to work towards denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


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