Inter-Korean Relations


“Come hike the demilitarized zone between the Koreas. Please watch your step”

In the 66 years since the demilitarized zone (DMZ) was created at the end of the Korean War, it has largely remained off-limits to civilians, the stuff of stories told by South Korean men who served in the military and the site of several near-skirmishes that could very well have rekindled war. But in recent months, South Korea opened up two hiking trails and is planning a third as part of its effort to ease tensions with North Korea. READ MORE


Korea to provide 50,000 tons of domestic rice to N. Korea via WFP  

“Following close discussions with the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) in light of the North Korean food situation, the South Korean government has decided to provide initial support of 50,000 tons of domestic rice to North Korea,” said Minister of Unification Kim Yeon-chul in a press conference on June 19. READ MORE


China-North Korea Relations


[News analysis] The “shared understanding” between Kim and Xi after their Pyongyang summit

Chinese president and North Korean leader seem to agree on continuing negotiations with the US. READ MORE


U.S.- North Korea Relations


[News analysis] The resumption of Trump and Kim’s correspondence diplomacy

“Correspondence diplomacy” has resumed between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. After floundering in the wake of the failed North Korea-US summit in Hanoi on Feb. 27–28, the Korean Peninsula peace process is once again returning securely to a track of dialogue and negotiations. READ MORE


U.S.-South Korea Relations


Trump to visit S. Korea for summit with Moon on June 29-30

US President Donald Trump will be visiting South Korea on June 29–30 for a bilateral summit with President Moon Jae-in. A senior government official also said a possible visit to the DMZ by Trump during his visit is “under consideration.” READ MORE



South Korea News


Special Report on Global Samsung’s Unsustainable Labor Practices

“Samsung Electronics is no longer just a South Korean company — it’s become one of the world’s top companies. As a multinational firm, how does Samsung Electronics look to people around the world? What do the company’s international workers think about it? And what are life and work like for company workers in the Asian countries that host the company’s major bases of production? To answer these questions, Hankyoreh Newspaper reporters visited nine cities in Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.”

[Part IV] Samsung’s systematic dismantlement of its first overseas labor union

[Part III] Curses, verbal abuse, and impossible quotas

[Part II] Samsung’s labor violations gone global

[Part I] Worked to death at the ripe age of 22


Kosovo War survivor of sexual violence awarded 2019 Kim Bok-dong Prize

Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman is the first survivor of sexual violence during the Kosovo War to publicly share her story without hiding her identity. On June 19, Krasniqi-Goodman stood alongside South Korean activists during the 1,392th Wednesday Demonstration, a weekly rally held in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul to protest Japan’s official stance on the comfort women (sexual slaves under the imperial Japanese military). To honor her bravery and devotion to human rights, the Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan has chosen Krasniqi-Goodman for the 2019 Kim Bok-dong Peace Prize. READ MORE


Korea accepts only 3.7% of refugee applicants

According to 2018 refugee application and processing figures announced by the Ministry of Justice of South Korea, a total of 16,173 foreign nationals requested refugee status recognition by South Korea last year – the largest number since applications were first accepted in 1994. Reviews were completed in 2018 for 3,879 people, out of whom only 144 – or 3.7% – were recognized as refugees. The average rate of refugee status recognition worldwide is 29.8%; for the OECD, the rate is 24.8%.

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Korea News Roundup (March 22, 2019)

South Korean parliamentarians and peace advocates in DC call for diplomacy and end to Korean War | After Hanoi, US re-thinks “sequencing” while North Korea considers suspending talks | CIA may be linked to attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid | US-South Korea continue annual war games under changed name.

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A Stumble at Hanoi, but Negotiations Remain on the Agenda

President Trump’s hasty decision to pull the plug on the Hanoi Summit ahead of schedule came as a stunning surprise. The feeling of disappointment in those who were hoping for success contrasted with the sense of relief in the U.S. foreign policy establishment, which remains steadfastly opposed to any improvement in relations.

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