A documentary film about the tragic sinking of the Sewol Ferry is being produced through crowd funding and individual sponsorship.

On July 10, 2014, the committee promoting the documentary, titled A Goose’s Dream, held a press conference at Jogye Temple in Seoul’s Jongno district, and announced the start of public fundraising and production of the film. The committee plans to raise approximately 400 million won (US$394,650) which is needed to produce the film over the next three months through donations from citizens and through crowdfunding.

“We decided to produce a film that will contribute to the forming of a public consensus in order to remember the Sewol disaster and the pains of all involved and to learn the truth about it,” the committee stated during the press conference.

It is a meaningful collective gesture to fund the documentary of Sewol Ferry tragedy in a sense to convey the national accountability over the disaster, and to consolidate people’s power into a tangible project to educate the public.   “The film is a part of our struggle to find the strength to rise up beyond despair, and it is also a vow never to forget what happened,” said Shin In-ryung, the other joint chair of the Committee and the former President of Ewha Woman’s University.

“A Goose’s Dream,” Sung by a Student of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy

The title of the documentary, A Goose’s Dream, was the title of a song sung at a school event by a girl named Lee Bo-mi, a student at Danwon High School whose dreams of becoming a singer were cut short when she died in the accident.  Here’s a youtube link of recording of her actual voice practicing the song.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dBowMYuTGI

“In the film, we are planning to verify and depict the indefensible actions of the Sewol crew and the incompetence of the government, which was unable to rescue a single survivor. Using footage that was not aired on TV, we will represent the entire story, from the launch of the Sewol Ferry to its sinking,” said Im Jong-tae, 48, who is directing the documentary.  Im Jong-tae has produced documentaries such as “20 Years after Gwangju (KBS)” and “Tracing Korean Tigers (KBS)”.

The Chair of the Operating Committee for the Documentary is Kim Se-gyun, a professor emeritus at Seoul National University.  The Committee intends to complete the 120-minute film before April 16, 2015, the first anniversary of the accident.  However, it is planning to release a 30-minute condensed version around October for use of the public in various memorial events and rallies.

More information about how to contribute to the project can be found on the Committee’s blog (http://blog.daum.net/goosedream416) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/goosedream416).

yellowribbon for sewol ferry disaster

The yellow ribbon has symbolized people’s thoughts and prayers for speedy rescue of victims and comfort and solidarity for the family.

Translation of Lyrics of the Song, A Goose’s Dream (Original singer is Carnival)

– taken from http://delacroix.egloos.com/4551298 and revised

거위의 꿈

A Goose’s Dream

난 난 꿈이 있었죠

I, I had a dream

버려지고 찢겨 남루하여도

Although tattered from being torn and thrown out

내 가슴 깊숙히 보물과 같이 간직했던 꿈

I kept and treasured it in my heart


혹 때론 누군가가 뜻 모를 비웃음 내 등뒤에 흘릴때도

Even when someone sneered at me behind my back

난 참아야 했죠 참을 수 있었죠 그 날을 위해

I had to endure it, and I could do it for the day to come


늘 걱정하듯 말하죠 헛된 꿈은 독이라고

They always say it as if they care, that an unachievable dream is just like a poison

세상은 끝이 정해진 책처럼 이미 돌이킬 수 없는 현실이라고

That the world is the unchangeable reality just like a book with its ending decided


그래요 난 난 꿈이 있어요 그 꿈을 믿어요 나를 지켜봐요

Yes, I have a dream, I believe in the dream, wait and see

저 차갑게 서있는 운명이란 벽 앞에 당당히 마주칠 수 있어요

I can stand high and tall facing the wall called destiny, standing there coldly

언젠가 나 그 벽을 넘고서 저 하늘을 높이 날을 수 있어요

Someday, I can climb over the wall, and fly high into the sky

이 무거운 세상도 나를 묶을 순 없죠

Even this heavy world cannot weigh me down

내 삶의 끝에서 나 웃을 그날을 함께해요

Stay with me on the day at the end of my life, the day that I’ll be smiling.

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