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Peace as Armageddon

As the minutes ticked down to last Friday’s extraordinary announcement from South Korea that President Trump would break with seven decades of U.S. policy and meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, reporters and pundits were already throwing cold water on the idea. What’s to account for all the high-decibel liberal angst over an announced summit with North Korea?

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[Commentary] Here’s What Kim Really Wants Out of His Meeting With Trump

Much of the response to the groundbreaking news about the Trump-Kim talks has affirmed that Trump’s policy of maximum pressure succeeded in getting North Korea to take seriously Washington’s demands to denuclearize—or face getting a bloody nose. This is a dangerous rewriting of what it took to bring North Korea to dialogue and what it will take going forward to convince Kim to give up his nuclear weapons.

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Historic Turning Point: U.S. agrees to summit with North Korea

The ball was in the U.S.’ court earlier this week when South Korean officials announced that North and South Korea agreed to a summit meeting in late April. And after over a year of “maximum pressure,” the Trump administration is finally trying its hand at engagement with North Korea. Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un by May of this year. Christine Ahn and Tim Shorrock discussed the historic significance of the upcoming summit meetings.

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Workers Protest GM Plan to Shut Down Plant in Korea

Workers of General Motors (GM) Korea took to the streets on February 28 to demand the company rescind its unilateral decision to shut down one of its three plants in South Korea. Weeks before, GM had threatened to take its “first step” in restructuring the GM Korea unit by shutting down its factory in the city of Gunsan by the end of May 2018.

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[BREAKING NEWS] The Two Koreas Talk: On the path to peace

The South Korean special envoy returned today from its two-day meeting with high-level North Korean officials in Pyongyang. The results of the talks show promising signs for the future of inter-Korean engagement and peace on the Korean Peninsula. The special envoy announced the two Koreas agreed to a summit meeting in late April.

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